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  Published: 2 weeks ago


The ancient question returns... Show more

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19 minutes ago
Yes u should it is better for u

30 minutes ago

57 minutes ago
4:40 Lost Pause :D

2 hours ago
Yes you should shave

2 hours ago
Keep it

2 hours ago
The clocks time never changes?? O.o

4 hours ago
get it blended

5 hours ago
Beard supporter. But at least trim the sides down till the chin gets some good length.
-fellow bearded brother

6 hours ago

6 hours ago
TRIM your beard pewds

7 hours ago
I originally didn't click on this video cause I thought it was the video from months ago.

9 hours ago
Don't shave

9 hours ago
Piewds Diy the Beard Blonde it will look awesome 👑🔥 #Keepthebeard

10 hours ago
yes "shave it"

10 hours ago
YIAY ....

10 hours ago
0:02 yiay much? Wow I didn't realize you were a Jacksfilms copier.

10 hours ago
I see your hair line but why does it look gay

10 hours ago
i think you should trim it a bit but keep it

10 hours ago
lmao fave moments are at around 6mins

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