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How To Get Started On YouTube
  Published: 2 weeks ago


You're friendly neighbourhood Pewdiepie is here to help...

Budget setup:
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Comments Directly on YouTube

39 minutes ago
You're the only YouTuber that, since I subscribed, I still watch.

42 minutes ago
На русском языке написано thank pewdiepie

45 minutes ago
A serious video? Omg this was unexpected

53 minutes ago
Việt Nam..tên clip này

1 hour ago
Thhe reason pewdiepie is not getting as many subs because most people have already subscribed to him

2 hours ago
Hey pewdiepie I have talked to you before on psn and told you that I love what you do

3 hours ago
Normally how much will be the file size to upload gameplays, mine is becoming more than 1gb, is this normal.

3 hours ago

4 hours ago
Hey PewDiePie! I'm a huge fan bro, you inspired me to work on videos and try to get popular in here. I've only been working on it for like 2-3 months. Not trying to advertise, just wondering if you could help. Could you maybe watch a few videos and let me know if there's anything I can work on? I know you're busy, but couldn't hurt to ask! Haha keep owning YouTube! ✊✊

5 hours ago
Appreciate the help pewds <3

5 hours ago
tiếng việt luôn à

5 hours ago
PewDiePie Hey my name is PrinceSwagger16 and I am not very confident in getting started on my let's play because I ain't got good editing software despite that my dad can buy it for me but I can hardly afford anything with my own bucks as I am only a teenager with no job.

5 hours ago
Pewds! I have been at YouTube for about over a year now and this was so helpful! It reminded me why I have started. I have been watching you for over 5 years now and I always loved what you have stood for. Thanks for sharing this. Brofist!!!

6 hours ago
I'm Brazillian

6 hours ago
Pewwds you da best YouTuber and you make me laugh all the time

7 hours ago
Whindersson Nunes porraaa Brasil

7 hours ago
I used to make gaming videos got 500views per video on a regular sometimes if I was lucky 1k but I privates all those videos and started doing irl videos they seem to be doing ok 255 views on my first vid and 122 on second i understand it will take time to get my views back cause all my old subs were there just for gaming so now I'm pretty much starting fresh but I'm getting a good start! I hope my lifespan on YouTube will do good cause I always like a new thing then get bored of it in a month.. so that's I change my videos if people start to get bored of them so I keep them till they get bored then switch my videos to get my viewers attention and keep them intertained so I hope I get somewhere on the YouTube community (sorry for bad English)

7 hours ago
I honestly clicked on this video almost knowing that it wasn't going to be about how to get started on YouTube..

7 hours ago
I got a shout out from pewdiepie

7 hours ago
I'm brasilian people!

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