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White nationalists, counterprotesters clash at University of Virginia
   ABC News
  Published: 2 weeks ago


Members of the so-called alt-right demonstrated on the UVA campus before police broke up the march, calling it an unlawful assembly. Show more

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10 hours ago
White people who unite are called "supremacists," by the left and the media, anyone else who unites are called BLM, La Raza, Jews, LGBT etc., etc. The "Left" is the new name of Communism.

1 day ago
Surely leftist ABC wants the entire U of VA to shut down because Jefferson owned slaves?

2 days ago
fuck you all you white separatists go to hell

3 days ago
All this racism and hate has been at a boiling point since Obama was elected. Thus, you got a huge indiscriminate backlash from the white voters installing Trump who is their leader for the white nationalist movement. Now they are embolden to carry out blatant racist activities b/c their grand wizard TRUMP say its okay. Look at the lead of the Alt right, you can see the seething hate from his face. Ask any police profiler and they will point out subtle clues of his facial reaction/twitches to anything that is non white.

4 days ago
White racist full of ignorance is what they realy are.

5 days ago
Impeach the grabber and chief of the divided States of America and lock him and his cronies up Now!

6 days ago
Look at these stupid immigrantes 😂😂

6 days ago
they are not white "nationalists " you dumb asses!!!!!!!!......They are white Racists ....tell it as it is motherfuckers!. Nationalism has nothing to do with those idiots.They are racists as fuck period!!.

6 days ago
Multiculturalism is not a problem, islam in a problem, very big problem .

6 days ago
im white and im proud to be white right now in our society that makes me a racist , guess im a racist white pride is alive and growing stronger for all the liberals out there still crying because a criminal didnt get elected as president suck it up in four years you will get a chance to lose again

6 days ago

6 days ago

6 days ago
zerg is the most powerful race; way greater than terran and protoss combined

7 days ago
United states must reject this idiots as cancer.

7 days ago
Do you want to take a peak into the future? Then listen up. Good and fair Americans will continue to dismantle affirmative action and the criminal Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the lies that whites are inferior, undeserving, and criminal. As this happens, the crazed lunatic left will escalate their criminal attempts to enslave whites and destroy Christianity. Then good and fair Americans will defend themselves which will cause the lunatic left to lose their minds even more. And so it will escalate.

7 days ago
Sieg Heil!

7 days ago
Lets keep building are numbers quietly
and start running candidates in all local elections where majority whites live.
that is the only SOLUTION!

1 week ago
You people evangelicals, elected for president the same devil you renounce in yours players. You must repent.

1 week ago
The weak white terrorist cell that lives in the USA. lost this weekend. The statues are coming down faster now. They came out looking like wanna be G.I. Joe and got their ass kicked! LOL! They have no power in the USA. A bunch of grown white angry men that failed in life playing Soldier. LOL! If you want to be real men go to Chicago and try playing G.I. Joe or go overseas and fight real wars like real Soldiers. LOL! A bunch of failures and couch potatoes mad because they just can't cut it in the real world. The KKK, White Supremacy Sillies, the Yazzie Nazi and the Alt -Right Whites are just playing Halloween early but when you lay it all out the have NO POWER. LOL! They Lost Again but they did look cute in their Halloween costumes! LOL! Trick or Treat!!!

1 week ago
l admire those few counter protestors ,wish I was there its like Lions sorrounded by entire Hyena's.☺☺☺☺☺

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